Furniture painting

Turn your bedroom into a romantic getaway!

Give that old furniture new life

We can update your furniture and make it look new again. Our 1,700 sq. ft. workshop includes 3 levels, which allows us to spray and prep any furniture that you need redone. Our painters will always ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result.

Don’t like the way your dining chairs look? We can give them new life! We spray paint all types of furniture including:

Don’t sit around the house thinking about how much your furniture needs to be replaced. Let us reface it instead. We can handle any piece of furniture that you want to have refinished.

We can take a look at any piece of old or new furniture you have and give you an estimate for refinishing it. If you’re tired of your furniture looking old and outdated, allow us to bring it to life with our exceptional spray painting. Having furniture refinished is much less expensive than buying new pieces, and you can keep that furniture that you’ve grown to love over the years.

We can paint anything and make it look new again. From doors and windows to your favorite antique china cabinet, we’ll give that old furniture the update that it deserves.

Give us a call today at 508-572-7533 and let us breathe new life back into your old furniture